A regular meeting of the circle "Young archaeologist" was held

Today in the Faculty of History at the Department of Archeology and Ethnology a regular meeting of the "young archaeologist" was held. At the meeting, first of all, the floor was given to the dean, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Sadykov Tlegen Sadykovich. With his speech, the dean of the faculty raised the topic of the relationship between sciences, like history and archeology, and the importance of archeology in the Kazakh steppe was also voiced. The following words were given to the head of the Department of Archeology and Ethnology, Candidate of History, Associate Professor Ulan Umitkalievich. Ulan Umitkalievich briefly spoke about the summer school and the upcoming work of the Young Archaeologist circle, also wished good luck to all the circle participants and invited them to participate in the upcoming conference.

Rysbergen M.A., the coordinator of the "Young Archaeologist" circle, made a speech. and presented the emblem of the circle and showed the newly minted participants the concept of the circle. A video dedicated to the Shyngystau expedition in 2021 was also shown. A quiz was held, students were asked questions of different categories regarding archeology.

Head of the Department of Archeology and Ethnology, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor Ulan Umitkalievich and Head of the Dean for Student Affairs Shyngys Baltabekovich presented participant passports to all students. The final word was given to the head of the circle "Young Archaeologist" Togzhan Mukhtarbekovna. In her speech, she presented the plan for half a year of the spring semester, and also thanked all the students and participants for their activity!