As part of the teaching of the discipline "Modern history of Kazakhstan" in English, doctor of history, Professor of the Department of history of Kazakhstan Svetlana Kovalskaya for many years has been practicing the protection of student individual projects on "HISTORY AROUND US" in the form of the final rating control. 

Following the results of training on may 11, 2019 the presentation and protection of projects of students of specialties 5B020200 – International relations, 5B050500 – regional Studies, 5B021000 – Foreign Philology, 5B072900 – Construction took place. The defense was attended by the head. Department of history of Kazakhstan, doctor of science, Professor Musabalina G. T. 

From among the presented projects 6 panels were formed: Song history, family History, the History of the great Patriotic war and my family, the History of Islam and the Holy month of Ramadan, the History of things, the history Of the city. 

The following projects were recognized as the best:Song story

Какимова Айдана – Endless music

Асербекова Дидар – Eli’-ai in our life

Диярова Рената – Folk songs telling about history

Калиаскар Нурсулу – Unforgettable Silk Way

History of the family

Аметаева Даяна – How the dekulakization impact on my family

Машбек Жайна – My village – my golden cradle

History of the GREAT PATRIOTIC WAR and my family

Амангельды Нуржан – Dedicated to my grandfather

Бакибаева Дамеля – My great-grandfathers – my heroes

History of the things

Сапархан Шугыла – Ornament – a mirror of the national worldview

Сапар Назерке – Besik

Абен Сания – The Locker

Сакенова Молдир – Rings through the years

Алпысбаева Акторгын – The history of the ice skates

Кундебаева Хадиша – History through food names

Мукатай Бауржан – The popularity of yurts as a touristic resting place

Орымбетова Алия – Fashion history

Hisory of the holy month of Ramadan

Тулеу Жанар – The holy box with Quran with a history of over 100 years

Исаева Аяжан – Practice of Islam in everyday life

History of the city

Аймурза Тагир– Stepnogorsk

Ерболкызы Зере – The name of the Universities

Ахметова Асыл – Street art and history

Сембаева Жанель – Street art of the capital

Амангельды Акбота – TV and history

Бозаева Лейла – Renaming of the capital