May 16 - 17, 2019 doctor of history, Professor of the Department of history of Kazakhstan Svetlana Kovalskaya took part in the Joint Working group of historians of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan at the Institute of universal history of RAS. This group was established in February 2018 for active cooperation and exchange of research results between historians of Russia and Kazakhstan.

        One of the stages of the work was the international scientific conference "In the heart of Eurasia: Russia and Kazakhstan at historical crossroads". The conference was attended by leading historians, ethnographers, archaeologists, archivists. The work of the round table "Sacred memory of the peoples of Eurasia"was very rich. In total, five sections were organized: "Research of Russian and Kazakh archaeologists on the monuments of Kazakhstan", "Kazakh society in the Soviet era", "Russia and Kazakhstan in the XXI century: topical issues of modern history of relations" and "Russian, Soviet, Russian researchers of Kazakhstan". Svetlana Ivanovna made a report "Formation of new life strategies of Kazakh nomads of the Imperial frontier of XIX - early XX century" in the section "Kazakh steppe in the Imperial policy of Russia", headed by doctor of history, Professor V. V. Trepavlov. The report aroused great interest from the participants of the section and lively discussion.

During the conference there was also a presentation of a special issue of the electronic scientific and educational journal of the base Scopus "History" № 1(75) 2019 "RUSSIA – KAZAKHSTAN: MILESTONES of HISTORY" (resp. Lipkin M. A., Ayagan B. G., Kotyukova T. V.), which also published articles by members of the working group. Including a joint article by S. I. Kowalska and S. V. Lyubichankovski "Orthodox Church of the Akmolinsky district at the turn of XIX-XX centuries of acculturation and their impact on the development of the Kazakh steppe".